Recently released films, links to distributors:

Gatherers of Sea Grass by Maria Murashova, Ethnofund in coproduction with Macalube Films (France), 2016

“Let Me Just Be” by Matevy Troshinkin, Ethnofund in cooperation with Reflection Films (Russia), 2015 (Distributor: Reflection Films)


“Siberia Floating Hospital” (“Heralds from the Big World”) by Tatjana Soboleva, Ethnofund in cooperation with Format-TV (Russia), 2015

“Olya’s Love” by Kirill Sakharnov, Ethnofund in coproduction with SugarDocs (Russia) and Soleil Films (Austria), 2014

(Distributor: Reflexion Films)

(Festival Distributor: SixPackFilm, Austria)



“Men’s Choice” by Elena Demidova, Ethnofund in coproduction with Illume OY (Finaland) and Relation 04 Media (Norway), 2013 (Distributor: Reflection Films)


“Leninland” by Askold Kurov, Ethnofund, 2013 (Distributor: Deckert Distribution)

Password: askoldkurov

Films released before 2013 (selected)


“Kushkash-Ool, the Bird Boy” by Vladimir Kopush, Ethnofund, 2012

“Gentle Art” by Alexey Pogrebnoy, Ethnofund, 2009

“Sheori” by Sergey Krivosudov, Etnofund, 2008

“Republic of Bashkortostan” by Sergey Krivosudov, Ethnofund, 2007


We are to love on this Land.

Faces of Moscow. Sky.

Faces of Moscow. Veteran.

Faces of Moscow. Football Players.

Films Produced by Foreign Companies where Vlad Ketkovich worked as a Production Manager (selection)

“Way to School”, Propaganda Studio, France, 2014

Password: Yamal

“Toghliatti. Grad” (Nacne SAS, Italy)

“Pan Triske” TV Brno (Czech Republic), 2011