Ethnogeographic Research Foundation (Ethnofund) was founded in 2000. Main Company activity is producing documentaries and TV programs. CEO and Producer - Vlad Ketkovich.


Since 2005 Ethnofund has produced more than 20 documentaries (some of them with Russian State support), that are broadcasted on Russian and International TV channels. Ethnofund has participated and won a number of prizes and diplomas at different IFFs.


Starting from 2010 Ethnofund works with foreign partners and coproduces internationally. Company’s goal is to bring Russian directors and Russian stories to international TV and film market.


Ethnofund also provides professional assistance to foreign filmmakers in shooting in Russia.


Ethnofund is operated by Vlad Ketkovich and Maria Chuprinskaya.



Filmography (selected):

"Shamanic Lessons for Beginners"

director Svetlana Stasenko, 70 min, in coproduction with Mamaki Fims (USA), 2017

IFF "ArtDocFest", main competition, 2017



director Nastya Tarasova, produced by Ethnofund (Russia) and Elemag Pictures (Germany), commissioned by the Guardian, 2017


director Tatjana Chistova, 63 min, in coproduction with Impact Film (Poland), 2016

IFF "ArtDocFest", Best Documentary Film, 2016

DokLeipzig, MDR Award for Best East European Film, 2016


"Pavlensky. Life Naked."

director Darja Khrenova, 52/70 min, produced by Magic Mountain studio (Russia), Ethnofund (Russia) and EgoMedia (Latvia), 2016

IFF "ArtDocFest", Special Jury Mention, 2016

"Gatherers of the sea grass"

director Maria Murashova, 52/70 min, in coproduction with Macalube Films (France), 2016

IFF "Doker", main competition, 2016

Russian Film Festival of Debutes "Dvijeniye" (Movement), Best Documentary Film, 2016

All-Russian Film Festival for Debute Films "Movement" (Omsk), Best Documentary Film, 2016
IFF "Doker", Best Camera Work, 2016
IFF "Message to Man", Victor Astafiev Award, 2016
IFF "Artdocfest", program, 2016

États généraux du film documentaire, Sélection Docmonde, 2016

Open Festival of Documentary Films "Siberia", program, 2016
International Women's Film Festival KIN, special program, 2016

IFF "Festival Filmer le Travail", Valorisation de la recherche Award, 2017
IFF "Cinesale", Adult Jury Awards, Student Jury Award, 2017
Cinema Forum "Native Trails", Best Media-project Award, 2017
IFF "Arctic Open", Best Documentary Director Award, 2017
Festival of Russian-speaking films "Sputnik in Poland", Special Diploma for Camera work, 2017
Moscow Festival of Russian Films "We will live!", Diploma for "Severe artistic truth in responsibility for others and oneself", 2017 
Festival of Russian Cinema in Onfleur, special program, 2017
IFF "Jean Rouch", program, 2017
IFF "Listapad", program, 2017
Yakutian IFF, program, 2017
Film festival "Days of Ethnographic Film", program, 2017

Moscow IFF, special program, 2017
Traces de Vies, Sélection "Un monde sensible", 2017
FIFIG - Festival International du Film Insulaire de Groix, sélection, 2017
International Festival de films "Pêcheurs du Monde", program, 2017

“Who will be my husband”
director Darja Khrenova, 64 min, with support of Russian Ministry of Culture, 2015

TV Professional Award “Laurel Branch”, finalist, 2015

IFF “Integration”, Diploma, 2015


"Let me just be”
director Matvey Troshinkin, 80 min, 2015

IFF “Artdocfest”, main competition, 2015


“Siberian Foating Hospital”
director Tatjana Soboleva, 52/93 min, with support of Puma Creative Cathalist Award (BritDoc Foundation), 2014

Barents Ecology Film Festival, Grand-Prix, 2016

IFF “Message to Man”, Diploma “The best film about working people”, 2015

IFF “Flahertiana”, competition, 2015

IFF “Artdocfest”, program, 2015


“Olya’s Love”
director Kirill Sakharnov, 52 min, coproduced with SugarDocs (Russia) and Soleil Film (Austria)

IDFA, Panorama, 2014

IFF “ArtDocFest”, Moscow, 2014

IFF, Krakow, 2014

IFF This Human World, Vienna, 2014
Riga International Documentary Filmfestival, 2014
IFF Tamyn Naiskulttuuripäivät, 2015
IFF 50 Shades of Feminism Tampere, 2015
Diagonale Filmfestival Graz, 2015
Filmfestival Assen, 2015
Boston LGBT Filmfestival, 2015
Oslo/Fusion International Filmfestival, 2015
Dokument Art Filmfestival Neubrandenburg, 2015
Chicago LGBTQ+ International Filmfestival, 2015
IFF MIX Copehnhagen 2015, and others.


director Askold Kurov, 52 min, Russia

IFF Seatle, main competition, World Premiere, 2014

IFF “Message to Man”, Best Debute, 2014

IFF “Meeting with Russia”, Grand-Prix, 2014

IFF “Russia”, Prize of CinePress, 2014

IFF Geneva “Films from Russia and CIA Countries”, Best Directing

Professional TV and Documentary Award “Laurel Branch”, finalist, 2013

IFF for Human Rights “Stalker”, Award from Guild of Cinema Critics and Cinema Researchers, 2013


“Kushkash-Ool. Bird Boy”
director Vladimir Kopush, 26 min, Russia, for Federal Channel Culture, 2011

Winner of Russian Mass-Media award «Patriot of Russia», 2012


“The Danube Venice”, (Old Believers in Russia and around the Globe series)
director Alex Pogrebnoy, 26 min, Federal Channel Russia-1, 2011

IFF “Berega”, Audience Award and Diploma for Best Educational Film, 2012


«Gentle Art»
director Alexey Pogrebnoy, 39 min, Russia, for Federal Channel Culture, 2009

Russian National TV Award “Country”, 2011

Russian Festival of Anthropological Films, Jury Award „Best Director”, Yekaterinburg, 2011

Russian Mass-Media award «Patriot of Russia», winner, 2010

IFF «Agrosvit», Ukraine, jury prize, 2009

International film market «East Silver Market», participant, and others.